Resource Marketing’s tradition of service was established in 1985, when we began helping our clients cultivate thriving product relationships with warehouse membership clubs. Our goals are to (1) guide vendors through the complex club sales process, (2) assist them with long-term planning, (3) recommend organizational strategies, and (4) help them achieve measurable, profitable results. To realize these goals we accept only a handful of select clients, allowing us to provide the specialized attention they deserve. After getting to know you—and your product line—we’ll take an aggressive, fine-tuned approach to helping you penetrate this demanding retail sector.

Found out the secrets to warehouse club product selection, the “Six Rights of Merchandising”.  Contact us and we can tell you about these and many more secrets to successful sales and merchandising within the warehouse club business.

The Resource Marketing team’s proven expertise includes presentation preparation, packaging and design assistance, pricing development and account management. Most importantly, we’re committed to positioning your products for growth—and helping you achieve rewarding membership club sales.

When you partner with Resource Marketing, we’ll save you time, money and hassle when it comes to the following services:

  • Product presentation, meeting preparation or written sales correspondence assistance
  • Price planning and business model analysis
  • Global campaign development and product consultation
  • Product placement and display expertise
  • Long-term product positioning and sales growth

At Resource Marketing, we’re dedicated to helping you break into the warehouse member club arena—and successfully implement and sustain your warehouse club sales goals. Call today to find out more about our experienced management team, or to schedule a no-obligation consultation.